There’s a real interesting story behind this piece. I was snowshoeing with my close friend Dave Emery (who is the photographer for Lona Pearl) in the western mountains of Maine some years back, when out of nowhere I hear "stove alert!" I turned to see him pointing out what looked to be an old cook stove sticking half out of the snow. As I got closer to it, I could see the "Model Maine" on the door. This is when I got the idea to build furniture out of old pieces. We dug out the stove and had to light a fire under it just to get it loose from the frozen ground. We then went back to camp, removed some old wooden skis from the outside wall and hiked back 3 miles in the woods to load the stove onto the skies. I knew as soon as I uncovered it what I was going to do, thats how it all started. Now its a piece of Lona Pearl furniture. The oak that the body is made of, came from the same forest where we found the stove.    Price: $1,250.00    Item # MM1207



Back in the day when a lot of these pianos were made, there were so many types of both hand carved and machine made legs and corbels. I'll never run out of ideas in ways to use them. This table has 2 corbels back to back to create the pedestal. The ring around the bottom is from an old stove and the wood is african pauduk. The feet are from the middle of a farmers table leg.    

Price: $1,250.00    Item # OT1401



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Antique cook stove base with white exterior porch balusters. Topped with a solid oak dresser drawer that has just

the right amount of yellow and natural patina.

For Sale $1,250.00    Item # YO1610

Cast iron parlor stove base, four oak twisted balusters, iron bed rails, balboa wood flats and a zebra wood drawer face

all combine to make this one of a kind table.

For Sale $1,250.00    Item # ZD1612


I used some antique molding around this mosaic top. Another bed turning and old floor lamp base for something a little different.
Price: $450.00    Item # T1406

This piece has a beautifully detailed parlor stove base with black exterior porch balusters, mahogany flats, trimmed at

the top with pieces of an iron bed rail.

For Sale $650.00    Item # ET1609

Cast iron parlor stove base, cast iron antique crib rail, a twisted stair baluster, rotary cut barn board with butternut

accent and antique crown molding all combine to

make a unique and functional wine cabinet.

For Sale $2,850.00    Item # WB161​4


This foyer table is made from European lace wood and antique moulding from the exterior of an old Victorian home. It has two cast iron lids from an antique stove with a stair newel post. The stamped leaves gives a finishing touch, but saving the best for last is, a moose painting done by Diane Snow of Limerick Maine. Her work is well known and her paintings are exceptional.      

For Sale $1,850.00    Item # MT1611

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I found the base to what looked to be a hall tree. I knew I had a use for that right away. I added 3 metal end table legs to create the pedestal. An old turning supports the body to the base.

Then a funky paint job and.... Ta Da!    

Price: $550.00    Item # ST1505

Sometimes I get on a little table kick where I can't stop making those for a while, their fun to make! This piece has old legs from some kind of stove along with the trimming under the lid. The tuning came from a big old house in Kennebunk, Maine.

Add the star on top and it had to be Americana!    

Price: $550.00    Item # A1302



It's always fun making colorful pieces. This dress makers iron

base along with 4 old ballonstans and an Iron Dome

under the lid makes for a unique table.    

Price: $550.00    Item # ST1504