You just don't realize how much work that went into making the mold to cast these old stove and ornate iron. There usually black in color and you might miss how pretty the iron is. Well when I put color to these, they really show off the ornateness. This coffee table is the base from an old Crawford kitchen cook stove. The top is an oak pillow top with the grain dug out of it and plaster of Paris forced into the grain to give it a neat look. The frame around the top is African yellow heart. Very heavy! Sold for $1,200.00

Another fun piece. The woodwork is all mahogany and lancewood. The base is from an early cook stove and the lower 2 doors came from old parlor coal stoves. The upper door panel came from an antique side of a fire place. The padded tapestry adds a rich feel. The solid brass knobs even match the floral design on the coal stove doors. Sold for $2,800.00

This magazine rack is made from what is called " grain drill ends". These used to be the ends of a piece of farm implement a seeder or something of the same. The wood is cherry and walnut. This piece sold for $300.00

I needed to build from an idea I had to use a turntable that could make a piece of furniture change without moving the piece. What I did was make a hutch style piece that had 2 different looks. The top part of the cabinet turns so you can have what appears to be 2 kinds of furniture. It’s made out of pine that has had the grain dug out and antiqued, along with it sitting on a parlor stove base. Sold for $1,850.00

A lot of thought went into this piece. I found a Civil War era wagon wheel in perfect shape in an old barn in Gorham, Maine. I then incorporated a section of copper hot water tank ( that used to stand next to old kitchen cook stoves) on the base of an antique Round Oak parlor stove to make the pedestal. I cut out pieces of the copper tank in 4 places to be able to display an ivy plant. To complete this, I used a 1/4 inch piece of glass for the top. Sold for $2,800.00

This canary wood table is supported by 4 antique sewing machine legs. The wood is very colorful, it has as much as 6 different colors in it. The legs are hand painted. Sold for $1,200.00

This one-of-a-kind pub table has a history in Worcester, Massachusetts. The base is an Expert Miter Plane that was manufactured by C.H. Buswell. A Sapele Mahogany top has been added to finish off the piece. Sold For $1,250.00 Item # PT1613

This unique table came to mind using the dome from an old parlor stove and the base as well. It has a cherry lid with an old cherry bed post.   
Sold For $550.00    Item # ST1408

You just never know how many parts to different things you’re going to find in my collection. Here I used a solid old walnut newel post from an old house for the pedestal of this table. The floor lamp base has a nice piece of marble on it and the 2 lids are separated by parts of old balusters from an old staircase. The lids are made from canary wood that has multiple colors in it. This piece sold for $1,250.00

If you look closely you can see the brass piece in the middle of this table came from an antique oil lamp that hung over a kitchen table. The turnings are from an old chair, and of course a cast iron floor lamp base. Sold for $1,250.00


It’s endless what I can do with piano parts. This table is made with a harp that came from under the piano. The pedestals used to be in the front of it. The base is a combined stove trim and feet. Something a little different. Donated to Project Grad at Gorham High (Valued at $1,250.00)

This is a huge piece of furniture. It stands almost 7 feet tall. I used 22" wide mahogany for the raised panels. The front doors and drawer have padded tapestry panels. It’s made with mahogany, lace wood and african padauk. It sits on a Portland stove base. Sold for $2,200.00


I found a somewhat small kitchen stove base that I thought would make a really cool vanity base. I made the body out of red oak and stained some of it green and left some of it natural. This piece was around for a little while, and I got another idea for it. So I turned it into a dry sink instead and added an old set of cook stove shelves with a mirror above it. Later Re-Designed as a Dry Sink.

Very simple mosaic tiled top table made with an old piano leg and yet another cast iron lamp base. This piece sold for $400.00

Every time I find some old floor lamps, it amazes me just how different they all can be. I really liked how ornate the base was on this piece, so I decided to use an old cherry bed post and walnut lid to make this table. This piece sold for $500.00

This was fun to build, a little time consuming, but fun. It's not as easy as you might think to use old boards the way I did in this piece. It has iron from a Portland stove foundry base and shelves. The grill in the door came from inside the cook stove. Sold for $1,600.00

This side table stands about 34" tall. The double lids are made from cherry. The top four turnings are from an antique oak rocking chair. The main pedestal is an oak leg from a beautiful old farm table that Jim found at a local yard sale in Maine. The cast iron pieces are from a floor lamp. Sold for $1,500.00

Very simple little table made from the top of a bedpost, floor lamp base and a beautiful piece of walnut. Donated to Charity (Valued at $400)

I found a beautiful lid from an old parlor stove to help create this double top table. The tops are mahogany and the old turnings are from an antique piano. The base again is from an old floor lamp. This piece sold for $500.00

Getting a little colorful here with this table, I used again another cast iron floor lamp base with some old turnings from an antique chair. This piece was donated to charity. (valued at $650)

Imagine looking at a bunch of old parts laying around your shop just waiting for an idea to come to mind. As I did this one day, I found myself drawn to an old piano leg and a antique chandelier. Thinking how neat it would be to use the leaves from that light fixture to create a funky table. Then I found a ceiling light fixture along with an old cast iron top from another old parlor stove....and there you have it! All I had to do then was decide on a nice thick cherry lid and you have now what you see! This piece sold for $1800.00

The portfolio pieces below are past works that are now being enjoyed by one of our customer friends!

Please enjoy looking through the pieces. 

There's no end to what can be created out of the old cast iron from stoves. This is a small phone table made with red oak and some "new old stock" turnings, the pedestal was an old bed post, and the base was from another old piece of wood stove. I dug out some of the grain on the top and used some copper leaf.. This piece sold for $650.00

A recent table creation that will became a wedding gift for a family member. 

Over the years I've collected a lot of old things. I came across a base from a dressmakers stand. I had a wicked cool idea for that as soon as I saw it. I took 3 old turnings from an old chair to put the 2 lids together and under that is a antique dome from another old stove. A bed turning to tie it all together and there you have it, of course it had to be colorful! Sold for $1,500.00

I just love mixing woods together! The curly table has beautiful curly cherry and maple. The post is from an old part of a bed foot board. The iron feat were on an antique parlor stove. The square dome was at the top of the parlor stove. Unique piece. 

This table was made with a floor lamp cast iron base, with an old headboard turning. The top is a piece of African Tiger Wood. This piece sold for $450.00

This piece was made from an old small gas burner stove. I hand formed the curved sides on the upper part of the table from red oak, and where the burner controls used to be, I put a drawer. The sides are padded tapestry and the marble top came from an old dresser. Kind of neat. This piece sold for $1400.00

An antique cream separator iron base with a lined opening oak insert starts it off. All the material that makes up the drawer and cabinet compartments came from an antique oak dining table. The rope turnings used to belong on a stairway. Iron bed pieces are used for the trim. The drawer and door were found on an old cabinet. This piece sold for $1,500.00

A beautiful dry sink made from oak and an old antique stove base. Sold for $1,400.00

Trying to use a little of everything to come up with something different. A parlor stove base mixed with 4 antique oak legs from an old table and an iron bed gave its lift to enhance the scallops from base to bed. The wood lids are solid wide oak. Sold for $1,200.00

Just another somewhat simple table made with cast iron floor lamp base and piano leg. Sold for $400.00